A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

  • Mow the lawn!
  • And again!
  • And again..
  • Again?
  • Forever.
  • Yes, it is dark. And it should be dark.
  • Mowing with headphones in a dark room is recommended for full night-mowing experience.

Endless mowing experience. Mow everything. At night.

Controls: WASD/Arrow keys

Full source at: https://github.com/Darkyenus/M...

Install instructions

It is a Java 8 .jar file. If your computer unzips it or does not know what to do when double-clicking it you probably don't have Java installed. If you do, run it from the command line: java -jar MidnightMower-0.2.jar


MidnightMower 0.2 8 MB

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